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Any electrical or electronic device, and even those that are not, have clear maintenance needs in their daily use to avoid wear and tear over time. Of course, we cannot claim that a product purchased today has an infinite useful life, but with proper maintenance of the appliances, we can extend it for a time or, at least, delay the need to repair it.

Maintenance advice
Therefore, it seems evident that the use of household appliances must comply with a series of recommendations to achieve an efficient use that will maximize their useful life. The first point where we should all emphasize is the rational use of them. Circumscribe its use when it is strictly necessary since the wear and tear derived from operation is the main obstacle to the life of any device. Another aspect to consider is the environment where the appliances are stored and installed. Smooth and constant basic temperature and humidity conditions will help improve maintenance (high temperatures and high percentages of humidity are clear enemies of electrical appliances).

In addition to being able to extend the useful life of the appliances, a correct use of the appliances will also result in a saving on the electric bill of any home, which of course is a fact that should not be underestimated.

Basic tips for the proper functioning of the device are:

Read the instructions: Normally, as soon as you open the appliance you start using it without stopping to look at the specific characteristics. We assure you that reading the instructions guarantees that you know operating details about your appliance and above all that it has a longer useful life, if you know what each button is for.

Use the appliances correctly: When you know the appliances you use inside the home well, you know what its limitations are and what the requirements are to use it.

Clean the appliances: You don’t have to become a cleaning machine, what you have to do is clean each of your appliances regularly.

If in doubt, call for our service: I hope you are not one of the people who tries to fix your appliance without knowing how the appliance works inside. The ideal is to carry out technical maintenance before needing a real technical service. But in case the appliance is damaged, call our specialists without hesitation, do not try to fix it yourself.