LG Appliance Repair

LG Appliance Repair

LG Appliance Repair

LG appliances are renowned in the electronical arena for their authenticity, craftsmanship, and innovative appliances. These appliances are the perfect harmony of functionality and intuitive design.

Even though LG appliances are highly reliable and hardly ever break down, their parts might need repairing in cases of wear out. If your LG appliances such as refrigerator, dryer, washer, dishwasher, and oven need to be repaired, then we’d be happy to get them into top shape!

What are the Problems Encountered with LG Appliances?

Understanding the issues found in your LG appliances can help you identify what’s wrong with your appliance and take the necessary action to fix it. Here’s an example of some of the major problems you can encounter with your LG appliances and how our experts can help!

LG Refrigerator

Faulty Linear Compressor: The most common problem reported by LG appliance users is a problem with the linear compressor. Our licensed technicians can help you diagnose and fix this cooling problem.

Defective Condenser Motor: If your fridge makes strange noises and shows signs of overheating, then this may be the issue. Our technicians can help check the refrigerator coils for any collected debris and fix the airflow.

Faulty Fan Motor: Any clogs or debris buildup in the evaporator fan motor can also affect the cooling of the fan. Our technicians will vacuum any debris out of the fan motor and fix it instantly.

LG Washer

Water Not Draining: A faulty drain pump can be the reason behind this problem. You’ll typically encounter this problem with the washer 5-6 years after purchasing the appliance. A noisy drain pump is the classical sign of a defective pump. Our pro techs will examine the machine’s draining pump based on its model and assess the problem promptly.

Broken Motor Sensor Wire: Due to the extensive vibrations of the LG washer, the motor wire harness of the machine might break down leading to unusual noises. Our technicians will assess the washer for any broken and burnt wires in such a case and replace them accordingly.

Leaking Washer: Sometimes your washer might leak due to a defective water inlet valve. The reason behind this could be wear and tear of the valve or calcium buildup. The valve solenoids can also fail and result in water leakage. We can help replace such defective valves and make your washer as good as new!

LG Dryer

Overheating: This problem occurs due to the breakdown of the thermal fuse on the appliance’s heater assembly. It is a critical issue to fix, commonly done by replacing the burnt fuse and reconnecting the wires – and our techs are well-versed in that.

Drum Roll Seizing: If your dryer has been making unusual grinding and tumbling noise, then it’s probably because its drum rollers have been seized. Our technicians fix this problem by promptly replacing the rollers in your dryer.

LG Dishwasher

Blockage: One of the most common problems with dishwashers is caused due to food particles or foreign body blockage in the drain hose or the filter. Other common causes can be – faulty flapper, kinked draining hose, or a defective pump. Our experts will carefully analyse the problem in your device and replace the defective parts in such a case.

Leakage: This is caused due to a defective door seal, water inlet valve, drain hose, or dishwasher pump. We will first diagnose the location of the leak and then replace any defective valves or hoses.

Unusual Noises: Your dishwasher can make continuous buzzing or squealing noises if the water inlet valve of the device is defective. A grinding noise can be heard if the chopping blade assembly isn’t functioning properly. A simple solution to this problem is letting our pro techs analyze your machinery and replace the parts that are defective.

Apart from the appliances listed above, we also specialize in fixing other LG appliances such as stovetops, ovens, and other appliances under the LG range.

Doesn’t matter when and from where you’ve bought your LG appliances, our technicians will immediately work to find out the cause behind the breakdown and get on with repairing the appliance. We provide leading LG appliance repair services in the country and our experts will surely diagnose the problem with your LG appliance promptly!