1. Still under warranty

Many times we do not know but, the parts of the appliances that we have in our homes have a greater guarantee than the electrical appliance itself, so we can count on this guarantee if the technician easily finds the damaged part.

There are stores where they even add an additional guarantee that many times we do not remember.

The most advisable thing is to find out first if our appliance is under warranty and this can often be done in a simple call to the store where we purchased it or to the telephone number of the official technical service that will tell us, having the machine’s serial number handy.

  1. It is much cheaper

The price of a part is not comparable with that of an electrical appliance itself, so if the rest of the machine is in perfect condition, it will always be best to invest in a small part of the appliance and not in one in its entirety, as many Sometimes we do not know if it will be good for us, if its use will be as easy as what we had, if we will like the result it offers us (for example in the case of washing machines), etc.

  1. You save time

Except if you are someone who makes impulse purchases and, without much thought, compare the call to a technician and its repair with that of visiting several stores in the area to see the different models they offer, the different prices and the different offers made by each of the sellers, etc.

  1. You don’t have to adapt to a new one

If you repair a single piece of your device, the next day everything will continue as before: your machine will continue to work the same and you won’t have to learn how to use it again.

However, if you choose to acquire a new one, even if the appliance is of the same brand and series, the investment in research and development of the brands, being a continuous fight between the different houses, the advances and improvements that the products have undergone of the brand, you will notice them yes or yes.

  1. You will make a more responsible and ecological consumption

Finally, but not for the least important reason, do you know what happens when you put an appliance in the trash? It ends in huge junk dumps that spoil the natural environment affecting both flora and fauna.

By repairing it, you extend its useful life and prevent these landfills from growing, thus helping to preserve the environment.


Buying a new appliance can easily cost several thousands of dollars. You also have to consider the cost of having your appliance installed by a professional.

Having your appliances repaired by a professional helps you get back to your normal routine without spending a fortune. If your appliances are on its last legs, you can have it repaired and start saving up for a newer model, but you shouldn’t feel pressured to buy a new appliance outright just because your oven, refrigerator, or washer and dryer stopped working overnight.