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If you need a great local repair service in the Houston area, then look no further than My Appliance Repair Houston. Honestly everybody needs a great local neighborhood appliance repair service. We have operators standing by in the Houston area waiting to schedule a free estimate for your next Bosch Appliance Repair. We employ only Bosch Repairmen with plenty of experience working with Bosch Appliances. If you are in need on appliance repair, appliance service, or regularly scheduled appliance maintenance give us a call. Our operators offer 24 hour appliance service. Often providing same day service when available. If you need us to fix home appliance, service or maintain your home appliances we are here to help.

Bosch Appliances we service

Bosch Dishwasher Repair

Honestly Bosch Dishwashers are none for their advanced functionality. However they are also known for being difficult to work on. That is why you need a repairman familiar with Bosch Appliances. One of the most common problems with Bosch Dishwashers is not getting the dishes clean. This is often caused by a clogged water inlet valve, or a faulty water pump. A faulty Arm Assembly can also be the cause. The Bosch Dishwasher has three arm assemblies. The upper Arm assembly, Center Arm Assembly and Lower Arm Assembly. If any of these get clogged or quit working it causes dirty dishes. Another issue we often see with Bosch Dishwashers is that they sometimes leak. or have trouble draining. Issues such as this can arise from a number of different underlying causes. You should never attempt to fix your dishwasher yourself. It can be dangerous and you can ruin your appliance.

Bosch Vent Hood Repair

Bosch Vent Hoods are elegant and sleek, the picture of modern function. They are however not without their issues.  An issue we see a lot with Bosch Vent Hoods is the fan motor can become noisy. This happens when the fan becomes dirty and clogged with dust and oil. This can be avoided by scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance for your Bosh Vent Hood. Another common issue with Bosch Vent Hoods is that the downdraft often gets stuck. In fact it can get stuck in the open or closed position. Again this is also caused by dust and oil accumulating in the down draft. many issues that arise with Bosch Vent Hoods can be avoided through regular cleaning. From time to time Bosch Vent Hoods can have a faulty or broken control pads, when this happens call a repairman right away. If you need Bosch Appliance repair, we can help!

Bosch Stove Repair

Bosch Stoves are very popular, and they known for their advanced features. However all of those advanced features make working on Bosch Appliances difficult. When your Bosch stove start acting up,  make sure you call a local appliance repair company with plenty of experience with Bosch Stoves. We only employ Bosch Repairmen who have experience working with Bosch Appliances. We hear a lot of complaints about Bosch Stoves having issues with their heating elements. This is usually caused by a faulty surface element board, surface element switch, or surface coil element. Oftentimes it is as simple as a loose or broken wire. Never try to fix your stove by yourself. Attempting to fix your own Stove can end in electrocution. Not to mention you could burn your house down. Always leave matters to trained professionals. Give us a call at the first sign of trouble.

Bosch Trash Compactor Repair

Bosch Trash Compactors are great, and very popular, until they quit working. A common problem we see time and time again with Trash Compactors that sometime they just don’t start. Other times they will not quit running. Honestly both of these issues  are caused by a faulty start switch or a faulty directional control switch. Another issue we hear all the time is that Trash Compactors get jammed from time to time.. Sometimes the door gets jammed, and sometimes the trash compactor itself gets jammed. When this happens, never and I repeat never try to fix it yourself.  Trying to fix your own trash compactor can be extremely dangerous. Never stick your hands or fingers in a trash compactor that is jammed, never! Always call a professional at the first sign of trouble. If you need Bosch Appliance Repair call us today, we can help!

Bosch Refrigerator Repair

Bosch Refrigerator are known for being great appliances. One of the most common issues with a refrigerator is that it does not keep food cool enough. If you discover that your refrigerator is not cooling enough, you need to call a local neighborhood appliance repairman that offers same day service immediately. Any number of things can cause a refrigerator to stop cooling. The first thing that comes to mind is a faulty Condenser Fan Motor. Another likely possibility is a faulty Evaporator Fan Motor.  Honestly it could also be a broken start relay or a faulty temperature control thermostat. Another issue we hear about all the time is with Bosch refrigerators is broken of leaky water dispenser or ice maker. This may not seem like an emergency, until the temperatures reach the triple digits.

Bosch Range Repair

Bosch Ranges are stylish and sought after for their modern convenience. However they are not without their issues. The most common being that Bosch ranges sometimes have issues with their burners not lighting. A number of problems can cause this issue. A broken spark module could be the culprit, or it could be a wiring issue. It could also be a faulty spark igniter switch or wiring harness. Oftentimes issues arise because they Range simply needs cleaned and maintained. Sometimes a good cleaning is all the doctor ordered. No matter how clean you thin your range is, food residue can get in nooks and crannies. This build up of dust and grease can lead to burners not lighting. That is why you should schedule regular maintenance and cleaning. A little bit of prevention can help you to avoid problems in the future.

Bosch Oven Repair

If you have ever had your Oven quit working at the wrong time, then you know it can ruin your evening. If your Bosch Oven is stops heating or broiling, it could leave you stuck. This could be caused by a faulty or broken heating Element, or Broiler element.  However sometimes the Element will quit working because of built of food residue. When this occurs a simple cleaning by a professional repairman is often all that is needed. Sometimes a bad Thermal fuse or a loose wire can cause the same problem.  We often hear people complain that their Bosch Oven does not bake evenly. Oftentimes this is the fault of a bad temperature sensor, or oven control board. Whatever problem you are experiencing, always call a professional, never try to fix your Bosch Oven yourself.

Bosch Ice Maker Repair

Nothing can ruin your summer fun faster than a broken ice maker. Do not let this happen to your family. Call us today and stay cool all summer. In all honesty any number of factors lead to a broken ice maker. Oftentimes Ice maker quit working because of a clogged water inlet valve, it could also be a faulty ice maker module. The Ice Maker assembly may also be jammed or damaged. When the ice maker assembly gets jammed or damaged then it will stop working. Its a fact that working on your own Ice maker can be dangerous. Never stick your fingers or anything else in a  jammed ice maker. Chances are you will end up injuring yourself, or causing more damage to the appliance. Do not take chances call us today and we can get your Bosch Ice Maker back up and running in time for summer.

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