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Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Houston Authorized Service

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Houston Authorized Service specializes in Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in the Houston area. Our technicians are trained in heating repair, air conditioning repair, HVAC repair and much more. Air Conditioning in Houston Texas is essential. If your Air Conditioner need repaired in the middle of summer it can be a matter of life and death. Our Air Conditioning repair technicians will arrive quickly and get your Central Air Conditioner or HVAC system service or repaired in no time. My Appliance Repair Houston will have your Heating or Air Conditioning System repaired or serviced in no time.

Refrigeration and air conditioning is accomplished by heat removal. The absence of heat is the definition of cold and all air conditioning systems work on this basic principle. The heat can be removed through the process of heat cooling, convection, and radiation through a process known as the refrigeration cycle. Mediums of conduction including chemicals, ice, air, and water are known as refrigerants.


An air conditioning system provides humidity, ventilation, and cooling control for par or all of a building or house. The refrigerant cycle consists of 4 essential elements that are necessary in order to create a cooling effect. A compressor causes compression which causes the vaporized cooling medium to become denser and this process results in heat being added. The compressed vapor is then cooled through a heat exchange with the outside air, so that in the condenser coil the vapor condenses to a fluid. Then, the fluid is pumped into the building, where it enters an evaporator. Inside the evaporator, a small spray nozzle sprays the cooling fluid into a chamber, where the pressure drops which causes the fluid to evaporate. Because the heat absorbs the evaporation from its surroundings and the surroundings then cool off, the evaporator either adds or absorbs heat to/from the system. Next, the vapor is returned to the compressor. At the evaporator, a metering device acts as a restriction in the system which ensures that the refrigerant flows into the evaporator at the correct rate which prevents the refrigerant from returning to the compressor while it is in a liquid state. This also controls the rate of the exchange of heat in the evaporator.

You need to remember that since an air conditioner has both indoor and outdoor coils they both must be kept clean. It is necessary to regularly clean the condenser coil in addition to replacing the air filter for the evaporator coil. If you should fail to keep the condenser clean this will eventually result in doing harm to the compressor, since the condenser coil is responsible for discharging both the indoor heat in addition to the heat generated by the electric motor that drives the compressor. You also need to remember that any further repairs require a highly skilled technician and you should not hesitate to call one. In addition, electrical problems can be very dangerous for a novice to try to repair.

Numerous types of heating systems exist. There is central heating which is frequently used in cold climates to heat public buildings and private houses. There are also systems that contain a furnace, boiler, or a heat pump to heat air, steam, or water in a central location such as a mechanical room in a building or a furnace room in a house. Hydronics is the name given to a system that uses water as the medium for heat transfer. This system also contains either piping or ductwork in order to distribute a fluid that is heated and a radiator to transfer the heat into the air. The term radiator, when used in this context, is a misnomer because most heat transfer from the heat exchanger is not by radiation but rather by convection. These radiators can be buried in the floor or mounted on the walls.

In radiant or boiler fed heating systems, most have a pump which is used to circulate the water and therefore help ensure that there is an equal supply of heat to all the radiators. The heated water can also be fed through a secondary heat exchanger that is located inside a storage cylinder in order to provide hot running water. Heated air is sent through ductwork in a forced air system. In warm weather this same ductwork may be used for air conditioning. This forced air can also be put through air filters. Unless you have been trained on how to repair these heating systems it is best left to the professionals.

Heating can also be provided from what is known as resistance or electric heating. This type of heat system uses a filament, which when an electric is passed through, it becomes hot. These types of heat systems may be found in supplemental heat systems for heat pumps, portable electric heaters, and electric powered baseboard heaters. Since a thorough knowledge of electri is required to repair these types of heaters, it is recommended that they only be repaired by qualified personnel.

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