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My Appliance Repair Houston is the internet’s leading appliance repair and service company. We do Appliance Repair, cooktop repair, dishwasher repair, dryer repair, freezer repair, garbage disposal repair, ice maker repair, ice machine repair, oven repair, range repair, refrigerator repair, stove repair, trash compactor repair, under counter repair, vent hood repair, washer repair, wine cooler repair as well as many other types of repair for every major brand of appliance.
We do  Amana appliance repair, Amana cooktop repair, Amana dishwasher repair, Amana dryer repair, Amana freezer repair, Amana garbage disposal repair, Amana ice maker repair, Amana ice machine repair, Amana oven repair, Amana range repair, Amana refrigerator repair, Amana stove repair, Amana trash compactor repair, Amana under counter repair, Amana vent hood repair, Amana washer repair Amana wine cooler repair, Asko appliance repair, Asko cooktop repair, Asko dishwasher repair, Asko dryer repair, Asko freezer repair, Asko garbage disposal repair, Asko ice maker repair, Asko ice machine repair, Asko oven repair, Asko range repair, Asko refrigerator repair, Asko stove repair, Asko trash compactor repair, Asko under counter repair, Asko vent hood repair, Asko washer repair Asko wine cooler repair, Bosch appliance repair, Bosch cooktop repair, Bosch dishwasher repair, Bosch dryer repair, Bosch freezer repair, Bosch garbage disposal repair, Bosch ice maker repair, Bosch ice machine repair, Bosch oven repair, Bosch range repair, Bosch refrigerator repair, Bosch stove repair, Bosch trash compactor repair, Bosch under counter repair, Bosch vent hood repair, Bosch washer repair Bosch wine cooler repair, Dacor appliance repair, Dacor cooktop repair, Dacor dishwasher repair, Dacor dryer repair, Dacor freezer repair, Dacor garbage disposal repair, Dacor ice maker repair, Dacor ice machine repair, Dacor oven repair, Dacor range repair, Dacor refrigerator repair, Dacor stove repair, Dacor trash compactor repair, Dacor under counter repair, Dacor vent hood repair, Dacor washer repair Dacor wine cooler repair, Frigidaire appliance repair, Frigidaire cooktop repair, Frigidaire dishwasher repair, Frigidaire dryer repair, Frigidaire freezer repair, Frigidaire garbage disposal repair, Frigidaire ice maker repair, Frigidaire ice machine repair, Frigidaire oven repair, Frigidaire range repair, Frigidaire refrigerator repair, Frigidaire stove repair, Frigidaire trash compactor repair, Frigidaire under counter repair, Frigidaire vent hood repair, Frigidaire washer repair Frigidaire wine cooler repair, GE appliance repair, GE cooktop repair, GE dishwasher repair, GE dryer repair, GE freezer repair, GE garbage disposal repair, GE ice maker repair, GE ice machine repair, GE oven repair, GE range repair, GE refrigerator repair, GE stove repair, GE trash compactor repair, GE under counter repair, GE vent hood repair, GE washer repair GE wine cooler repair, Hotpoint appliance repair, Hotpoint cooktop repair, Hotpoint dishwasher repair, Hotpoint dryer repair, Hotpoint freezer repair, Hotpoint garbage disposal repair, Hotpoint ice maker repair, Hotpoint ice machine repair, Hotpoint oven repair, Hotpoint range repair, Hotpoint refrigerator repair, Hotpoint stove repair, Hotpoint trash compactor repair, Hotpoint under counter repair, Hotpoint vent hood repair, Hotpoint washer repair Hotpoint wine cooler repair, Kitchenaid appliance repair, Kitchenaid cooktop repair, Kitchenaid dishwasher repair, Kitchenaid dryer repair, Kitchenaid freezer repair, Kitchenaid garbage disposal repair, Kitchenaid ice maker repair, Kitchenaid ice machine repair, Kitchenaid oven repair, Kitchenaid range repair, Kitchenaid refrigerator repair, Kitchenaid stove repair, Kitchenaid trash compactor repair, Kitchenaid under counter repair, Kitchenaid vent hood repair, Kitchenaid washer repair Kitchenaid wine cooler repair, LG appliance repair, LG cooktop repair, LG dishwasher repair, LG dryer repair, LG freezer repair, LG garbage disposal repair, LG ice maker repair, LG ice machine repair, LG oven repair, LG range repair, LG refrigerator repair, LG stove repair, LG trash compactor repair, LG under counter repair, LG vent hood repair, LG washer repair LG wine cooler repair, Maytag appliance repair, Maytag cooktop repair, Maytag dishwasher repair, Maytag dryer repair, Maytag freezer repair, Maytag garbage disposal repair, Maytag ice maker repair, Maytag ice machine repair, Maytag oven repair, Maytag range repair, Maytag refrigerator repair, Maytag stove repair, Maytag trash compactor repair, Maytag under counter repair, Maytag vent hood repair, Maytag washer repair Maytag wine cooler repair, Monogram appliance repair, Monogram cooktop repair, Monogram dishwasher repair, Monogram dryer repair, Monogram freezer repair, Monogram garbage disposal repair, Monogram ice maker repair, Monogram ice machine repair, Monogram oven repair, Monogram range repair, Monogram refrigerator repair, Monogram stove repair, Monogram trash compactor repair, Monogram under counter repair, Monogram vent hood repair, Monogram washer repair Monogram wine cooler repair, Samsung appliance repair, Samsung cooktop repair, Samsung dishwasher repair, Samsung dryer repair, Samsung freezer repair, Samsung garbage disposal repair, Samsung ice maker repair, Samsung ice machine repair, Samsung oven repair, Samsung range repair, Samsung refrigerator repair, Samsung stove repair, Samsung trash compactor repair, Samsung under counter repair, Samsung vent hood repair, Samsung washer repair Samsung wine cooler repair, Sears appliance repair, Sears cooktop repair, Sears dishwasher repair, Sears dryer repair, Sears freezer repair, Sears garbage disposal repair, Sears ice maker repair, Sears ice machine repair, Sears oven repair, Sears range repair, Sears refrigerator repair, Sears stove repair, Sears trash compactor repair, Sears under counter repair, Sears vent hood repair, Sears washer repair Sears wine cooler repair, Siemens appliance repair, Siemens cooktop repair, Siemens dishwasher repair, Siemens dryer repair, Siemens freezer repair, Siemens garbage disposal repair, Siemens ice maker repair, Siemens ice machine repair, Siemens oven repair, Siemens range repair, Siemens refrigerator repair, Siemens stove repair, Siemens trash compactor repair, Siemens under counter repair, Siemens vent hood repair, Siemens washer repair Siemens wine cooler repair, Sub Zero appliance repair, Sub Zero cooktop repair, Sub Zero dishwasher repair, Sub Zero dryer repair, Sub Zero freezer repair, Sub Zero garbage disposal repair, Sub Zero ice maker repair, Sub Zero ice machine repair, Sub Zero oven repair, Sub Zero range repair, Sub Zero refrigerator repair, Sub Zero stove repair, Sub Zero trash compactor repair, Sub Zero under counter repair, Sub Zero vent hood repair, Sub Zero washer repair Sub Zero wine cooler repair, Thermador appliance repair, Thermador cooktop repair, Thermador dishwasher repair, Thermador dryer repair, Thermador freezer repair, Thermador garbage disposal repair, Thermador ice maker repair, Thermador ice machine repair, Thermador oven repair, Thermador range repair, Thermador refrigerator repair, Thermador stove repair, Thermador trash compactor repair, Thermador under counter repair, Thermador vent hood repair, Thermador washer repair Thermador wine cooler repair, U Line appliance repair, U Line cooktop repair, U Line dishwasher repair, U Line dryer repair, U Line freezer repair, U Line garbage disposal repair, U Line ice maker repair, U Line ice machine repair, U Line oven repair, U Line range repair, U Line refrigerator repair, U Line stove repair, U Line trash compactor repair, U Line under counter repair, U Line vent hood repair, U Line washer repair U Line wine cooler repair, Viking appliance repair, Viking cooktop repair, Viking dishwasher repair, Viking dryer repair, Viking freezer repair, Viking garbage disposal repair, Viking ice maker repair, Viking ice machine repair, Viking oven repair, Viking range repair, Viking refrigerator repair, Viking stove repair, Viking trash compactor repair, Viking under counter repair, Viking vent hood repair, Viking washer repair Viking wine cooler repair, Whirlpool appliance repair, Whirlpool cooktop repair, Whirlpool dishwasher repair, Whirlpool dryer repair, Whirlpool freezer repair, Whirlpool garbage disposal repair, Whirlpool ice maker repair, Whirlpool ice machine repair, Whirlpool oven repair, Whirlpool range repair, Whirlpool refrigerator repair, Whirlpool stove repair, Whirlpool trash compactor repair, Whirlpool under counter repair, Whirlpool vent hood repair, Whirlpool washer repair Whirlpool wine cooler repair, Wolf appliance repair, Wolf cooktop repair, Wolf dishwasher repair, Wolf dryer repair, Wolf freezer repair, Wolf garbage disposal repair, Wolf ice maker repair, Wolf ice machine repair, Wolf oven repair, Wolf range repair, Wolf refrigerator repair, Wolf stove repair, Wolf trash compactor repair, Wolf under counter repair, Wolf vent hood repair, Wolf washer repair Wolf wine cooler repair, As well as many other fine appliances  for such brands as Admiral Appliances, Arkla Barbeques, Avanti Appliances, Bertazzoni Appliances,  Broan NuTone Vent Hoods and ventilation, Broil King Barbecues, Cadet Appliances, Caloric Appliances, Char-Broil Barbeques, Crosley Appliances,  Dormont Gas flex hoses, Ducane Barbeques, Dundas Jafine dryer venting, Electrolux Appliances, Embraco refrigeration compressors, Installation and plumbing supplies, Fiesta Barbeques,  Gaffers Sattler Appliances, Gaggenau Appliances, General Electric Appliances, Gibson Appliances, Glide n’ Guard floor protectors, Greenwald coin operated equipment, Haier Appliances, Hardwick Appliances,  Huebsch Appliances, Jenn-Air Appliances, Kelvinator Appliances,  Magic Chef Appliances, Modern Maid Appliances, Napoleon Barbeques, Norge Appliances, NuTone Vent Hoods, O'Keefe & Merritt oven range repair, A full line of Performance Tools, Premier Electric & Gas Ranges, QB Products replacement microwave repair, replacement filters for Rainfresh Water Filter Systems, Robinair refrigeration equipment and tools, Roper Appliances, Shepherd Barbecues, Speed Queen Appliances, Sprayway Cleaners, Sterling Barbecues, Sunbeam Small Appliances and all Sunbeam Barbecues, Tappan Appliances,Thermos Barbeques, Vermont Casting Barbecues, A full line of Waste King Food Disposers, replacement repair for Weber Barbecues, West Bend Barbeques, Westinghouse Appliances, White-Westinghouse Appliances, and many more.


How soon can I get an Appointment at My Appliance Repair Houston


We schedule all appointments at your convenience even if it is the same day. We are always here when you need your appliances serviced. It is our intention to provide the absolute fastest service that is possible. Our slogan is 'Quality Service the Same Day!' We guarantee that we will schedule your appointment with your availability in mind and work to your schedule in order to provide the best dates and time for us to repair your appliance. Our service technicians will be available as soon as you call us. Immediately following your call we'll determine your needs and immediately send our best technicians to repair your appliances.


We have technicians standing by in your area to service your appliance.


We are your local repair company for your appliances. That allows us to provide a lower overhead cost and faster service. We also support the community that we work in. When we come to your home, we will diagnose the problem with the appliance, and in most cases immediately do all the repairs on the spot. We respect your house as we would our own and we keep the noise at a minimum and clean up after ourselves. We strive to ensure that the only thing that will have changed after we leave your home is that your appliance is working.


How much will it cost to fix my appliance? Call today for an estimate (281) 214-0488


For most appliances the fee for our routine service is just $55 which includes the diagnosis and estimate. We waive the service call upon your agreement to allow us to do the appliance repair and you're only responsible for the cost of labor and parts.

Many brands that are foreign and some domestic brands require a service call fee of $65. There are some other kinds of appliance service that also require a service fee of $65. These include commercial appliances, central heating and air conditioning systems, garbage disposals, hoods, and trash compactors.


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