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There are many different manufacturers of refrigeration equipment, some of them work long and without various breakages, but the refrigerator is primarily an appliance that sooner or later can break. All, of course, depends on you, if you treat your refrigerator carefully, then it will create a long and uninterrupted service for you. Let’s look at the most common breakdowns in refrigeration units.

Refrigerator Thermostat repairĀ 

The thermostat is responsible for maintaining the manually set temperature, if it breaks, the refrigerator stops cooling. If you do not find out in time that the temperature regulator has broken, then the products in the refrigerator may deteriorate, which will lead to a strong smell, which is difficult to fight.

It is not difficult to detect that the thermoregulator has broken down, the refrigerator starts defrosting, the motor-compressor does not work, but inside the appliance, the light on the lamp lights up and the network indicator lights. If you have all these reasons, but immediately call a repairman for refrigerators.

Refrigerator repair Motor Compressor

The motor-compressor is the “heart” of the refrigerator. Its breakdown is most often associated with the imprudence of the owners themselves. The motor is malfunctioning due to non-stop operation at increased rpm. The cause of this work can be the included super-frost mode or, for example, an unclosed door.

The solution to this problem can serve as a model that automatically regulates the freezing mode, or have an audible warning if the refrigerator door is open.

Just like in the first case, it is necessary to call a repairman, but most likely your unit will be taken to the workshop, because repair of the motor-compressor requires considerable space.

Refrigerator repair Starter relay

Relay – a device that is designed to start or turn off the motor of the refrigeration unit. If you find that your unit does not start, the cause may be not only in the failure of the motor, but in the failure of the relay.

For this malfunction, there are peculiar clicks, with this sound the motor starts, but if the engine does not work after these sounds, then you have discovered the cause of the failure – the relay protection relay.

In this case, do not immediately run and call the master, try to turn off the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes from the network and turn it on again. If you have a refrigerator with “No Frost” system, then defrost the unit manually. But if none of the above advice has helped you, then it’s time to call a master.

Refrigerator repair Electronics

Although now the world of electronic technology, but it is still the weakest place in all technology. In the event of a breakdown in the electronics of the refrigerator, all of his work may fail.

Avoid such breakages can easily, it is not recommended to put flowers on the cooling unit, at least a couple of drops that fall behind the refrigerator will cost you a very expensive repair.

Refrigerator repair Freon

Freon leakage can be the cause of rejection in the manufacture of the unit, or the appearance of any cracks through which it can leak. Leakage is determined by reducing the efficiency of the refrigerator, the temperature in the chambers of the unit will rise. The places of leakage of freon are most often covered by corrosion.

Repair can only be done by a master, but not all units are repairable after freon leakage.

Avoid this breakdown can only be careful handling of machinery. When defrosting, you can not pick out ice with sharp objects.

This is not all the breakdowns that may occur in the refrigeration unit. But in almost all cases, they can be avoided if you handle the technique carefully and carefully.