Your decision to purchase a Sub-Zero refrigerator was a wise choice. Still the “Gold Standard” in refrigeration, Sub-Zero has the best customer support system in the business for their refrigerators. However, that does not mean that you won’t ever have refrigerator problems. After more than a decade as Sub-Zero’s factory-certified repair, I hope I can help answer some of the question you may have with your Sub-Zero refrigerator problems.

Your Sub-Zero product is not your typical appliance. It is cutting edge technology and nothing to be messed with. If you are ever unsure about the repairs/diagnosis that you are about to make, call a professional repair company. And MAKE SURE they are current factory-authorized repair service for the manufacturer They will be trained and vetted by the manufacturer, for your safety.  As their factory-authorized service provider, your technicians are background, drug, and alcohol tested for your safety and the security of your family.

Your Clean Condenser light is on. It might be a simple as your condenser coils might need to be cleaned on your Sub-Zero, just as the light indicator light says. According to Sub-Zero, you should have your coils professionally cleaned every 3-6 months to avoid refrigerator problems. If you are handy, you can do it yourself, but they must be thoroughly cleaned with a brush and vacuumed. If after cleaning, the light goes back on, you may have a bigger problem. Call a professional before you lose cooling.

The bar between the refrigerator and freezer side is hot. Again, probably the coils are the problem.

Water leaking under the unit. Too many possible problems to mention. Cracked water lines, frozen lines, broken valves, clogged drainage lines, can all cause refrigerator problems and make your unit leak.

Loss of cooling, either side, if applicable. Your Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer has independent compressors, so one does not affect the other.  Do not let anyone tell you otherwise (I have heard it from customers who have service companies out who do not know what they are doing). If you lose cooling on either side, it will not affect the other. So do not turn the unit off if one side starts to lose cooling. Again, there are just too many possibilities here. Call a service professional. Defrost timers, fan motors, relays, compressors, to name a few, might be giving you refrigerator problems.

SubZero Problems