The refrigerator with an inbuilt ice maker is a very convenient and cool appliance that supplies a big Houston family with ice on a regular basis and you don’t have to buy heavy packs of ice at any store in Houston. But it’s not convenient when your ice maker breaks down or has some malfunctions. In case you experience some ice maker repair problems, you better ask for a professional Houston appliance repair service help.

Most Common Ice Maker Repair Issues Houston Residents Usually Suffer From

There are some common problems and possible causes which can lead to ice maker breakdowns or malfunction. Most of the problems, Houston residents can experience are related to water supply. In order to get the things sorted out and fix an occurred ice maker problem in time, let’s identify these problems.
1. Ice machine produces undersized or malformed ice cubes. The possible cause is a low water flow to the ice maker because of poor water supply or water filter being plugged up. In order to eliminate this problem quickly, call at (844) 385-5513 and our well-skilled repair Houston guys will be at your house or office the same day and will get your ice maker up and running.
2. Ice machine makes too large ice cubes. This may be caused by a leaking inlet water valve.
3. Ice machine takes longer time to produce a batch of ice cubes. This may be caused by too high room temperature.
Whatever ice maker repair Houston problem is, My Appliance Repair Houston technicians are always ready to provide an affordable and quick appliance diagnosis and repair in Houston.

Ice Making Machine Brands We Repair in Houston

No matter what kind of ice machine type you have, be it a portable, an outdoor or an inbuilt refrigerator ice machine, we will do our best to fix any issue and make it running again! Is your Avalon Bay ice maker not making ice? Does your Edgestar make too large ice cubes? We have a more than 20-year experience in ice maker maintenance and repair, so we are well-versed in the repair of any ice machine brand. Among ice maker brands we service in Houston are Avalon Bay, Edgestar, Emerson, Iqloo, Koldfront and other less common and popular brands. Just give us a call at (844) 385-5513, set an appointment and within the same day or next day your ice maker will continue to produce ice.

Set an Appointment In Order to Fix Your Ice Maker Repair Houston Problem

My Appliance Repair Houston is one of the leading providers of ice maker repair services all over Houston and major Houston neighborhood areas. Our quick and affordable appliance repair services cover Ice Maker Repair in Klein, Kohrville, Lakeland, Long Point, Lyndon B Johnson Space Cen, Magnolia, Meadows Place, Memorial Park, Midline, Missouri City, Monaville, Montgomery, Nassau Bay, Needville, New Caney, North, North Cleveland and many other Houston towns and neighborhood areas. If you prefer not to buy a new ice maker, don’t hesitate and let us fix your appliance today!