Considering a Home Appliance Protection Plan? Read This First

We want to talk to you about how to extend the useful life of your appliances and make them work better and for a longer time, in addition you will prevent them from being damaged so you will save a lot of money and time.

Washing machine

  • Do not overload the drum of the washing machine. Today the vast majority of washing machines are 7-8 or 9 kilos, some even reach 12, but a few years ago the vast majority of washing machines were at most 5 kilos. Keep in mind that ‘putting more clothes’ affects the operation of the machine.
  • Be careful with belts, coins and other metal objects these objects can come off and cause damage.
  • Laundry with very little laundry wastes water and energy.
  • It is recommended to use anti-lime tablets since the lime accumulates in the machinery of the washing machine and ends up spoiling it.
  • Do not abuse the temperatures, between 30-45º is more than enough for most garments, the highest temperatures 60º onwards use up a lot of energy.


  1. The gaskets of the fridges help to keep the fresh air inside the fridge and conserve energy. Cleaning them regularly helps to extend the life of your fridge. You can do it with water and a scouring pad and then apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or cream to improve grip. If the seals are badly damaged, you can replace them, there are spare parts, you can consult the technical service of the brand (and with a little skill put them yourself).
  2. At least once a year, move the fridge, remove it from where it is, unplug (it is only minutes) with your foot on the back, remove the plate that is close to the ground and clean the coils with a vacuum cleaner, put it in medium suction and in this way it will absorb dust and other accumulated particles. This helps improve the performance of the fridge.


  • In dishwashers, not eliminating residues from dishes or utensils well can cause damage. To fix it, remove the globs from the dishes you are going to put in the dishwasher.
  • Dishwasher gaskets have to be cleaned from time to time to work efficiently.
  • Clean the filter of the dishwasher once a month, in this area a lot of waste accumulates, it is important that it does not take long without cleaning it.
  • It is also advisable to clean the interior of the dishwasher from time to time. It is made with a special liquid cleans special dishwasher machines you can also use vinegar. We have to set a program of the dishwasher with a temperature of 50º or higher and the dishwasher empty.

Cooker hood: Dirt in the cooker hood also affects its operation and efficiency. To clean it, it is best to remove the filters, with the extractor disconnected (the turbine and the electrical connections will be exposed) and place them in hot water with a little degreaser and rub with a brush with soft spikes. Both the exterior and interior, with a sprayer with hot water and degreaser, cloth, scouring pad if applicable and rinsing with water, dry it with a rag before starting it.

We hope these tips will help you with the perfect operation of your appliances, and you know that if you have a breakdown and need a technical service, we are at your service.