You still don’t have a dryer? It’s a great home appliance that helps to dry out your wet clothes so you don’t have to wait until it is dried by natural evaporation. There are a lot of dryers types, including tumble dryers, ventless dryers, spin dryers, condenser dryers, etc.
It is great when your clothes come absolutely dry after washing but it is not ok when your dryer is broken and you are left with wet clothes. A malfunctioning dryer may really devastate your everyday laundry chore. Once you experience some dryer repair problems, you better ask for a professional Houston dryer repair service help.

Most Common Dryer Repair Issues Houston Residents Usually Suffer From

The reasons for dryer repair problems may be different. Although the mechanism of a dryer is not difficult, the reasons for a dryer not properly working can be different. There are several common dryer repair issues for your clothes coming out wet or for a dryer stop working. In order to get the things sorted out and fix an occurred dryer problem in time, let’s identify these problems.
1. Dryer produces weird noises or unusual vibrates. The most obvious reason for strange noises is a broken dryer drum seal. It happens when you overload your dryer, or load a dryer with the clothes containing strange articles. It is highly likely that you will need to replace a drum seal. Call us immediately once you hear strange noises coming out from your dryer.
2. Dryer doesn’t heat up. The reason of this dryer issue is failed thermal fuse. This happens usually in the result of a clogged lint screen or a ventilation being blocked. Highly likely this can end up with a broken thermal fuse and its replacement.
3. Dryer doesn’t start. One of the most common reasons are a defective thermostat, a failed motor or a blown thermal fuse.
Whatever your dryer repair Houston problem is, My Appliance Repair Houston technicians are always ready to provide an affordable and quick appliance diagnosis and repair.

Dryer Brands We Repair in Houston

No matter what kind of a dryer type you have, be it a vented dryer, a gas dryer, a condenser dryer, a heat pump dryer or a washer-dryer, we will do our best to fix any issue and make it running again! We have a more than 20-year experience in dryer repair, problem diagnosis and maintenance, so we are well-versed in the repair of any dryer brand. Among dryer brands we service are: Amana, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, Bosch, GE, Frigidaire and other less common and popular brands. Just give us a call at (844) 385-5513, set an appointment and within the same day or next day your dryer will be continue to dry your clothes well.

Set an Appointment In Order to Fix Your Dryer Repair Houston Problem

My Appliance Repair Houston is one of the leading providers of dryer repair services all over Houston and major Houston neighborhood areas. Our quick and affordable appliance repair services cover Dryer Repair in Everitt, Fairchilds, Cypress, Dacus, Damon, Astrodome, Atascocita, Bammel, Tomball, Valley Lodge, Waller, West Columbia and many other Houston towns and neighborhood areas. If you prefer not replace an old dryer with a new one, don’t hesitate and let us fix your appliance today!