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Bosch washer error codes by MyApplianceRepairHouston.COM

Door (hatch) error in Bosch washing machine by MyApplianceRepairHouston.COM

What could be the reason that the hatch of the washing machine does not close?

In fact, there are various causes. They can be divided into two classes:

  1. mechanical damage. In this case, the door is not fixed at all, and a user doesn’t hear a characteristic click.
  2. problems with electronics. With this failure, the door closes, a user hears that the lock has worked. But the hatch is not blocked. Also, there is no the second click, which occurs when the hatch is closed by electronics.

In the second case, modern washing machines often show an error on the display. To protect users and their apartment, the unlocked appliance does not start a cycle of work.

Simultaneously, both mechanical and “electronic” breakdowns usually do not occur.

F01 The door of the loading hatch is not closed
Check the tightness of the door again. Also, put laundry for washing into the drum so that no object is clamped by the door.
F16 The hatch door is not closed
The wash program does not start.
Close the door.
If possible, run the program again.
F34 The door lock does not close
malfunction of the lock;
tongue lock has stuck;
the door has stuck;
the gasket is inelastic.
With this error, the program is canceled and the door is blocked. The monitoring processes and indication are activated.
To reset, press ON / OFF.
Check the door lock.
Inspect the mechanics.
Examine wiring.
F36 The lock system failure
module fault (triac or relay malfunction).
With this error, the program is canceled and the door is blocked. The monitoring processes and indication are activated.
To reset, press ON / OFF.
Check the control module.
Inspect wiring.
F61 Wrong door signal
a) the door is open or closed;
b) the security lock may be activated.
With this error, the program is canceled and the door is blocked. The monitoring processes and indication are activated.
To reset, press ON / OFF.
Check the door lock.
Examine the mechanics.
Inspect wiring.

Bosch washing machine electric motor errors

Any washing machine needs to rotate the drum. An engine is used for this purpose.

They are divided into:

Malfunctions of the collector:

  1. Damage and wearing out of brushes.

The smell of burning and sparking are the characteristic signs of a failure. In addition, a user notices power loss with a large load of laundry.

  1. Closure and breakage in the stator and rotor windings. It can’t work at all. Also, there are power reduction and temperature rise. It leads to the activation of the thermostat protection.
  2. Wearing out and delamination of the commutator bars.

Malfunctions of the asynchronous power drive motor, used in Bosch:

  1. It does not work at low speed / high speed
  2. Unstable operation (overheating and disconnection by a thermal fuse)
  3. Fuse or home network security device blowing
  4. High noise level (bearings-magnetism-drive belt)
  5. It does not start at low and high speed (buzzing sound)
  6. Sometimes you can not run the washing machine at high speed
  7. It does not start
E02 The problem with the motor (electric motor)
Check the engine brushes.
Test the motor resistance.
Review the contacts of the connections.
Look over the engine module or main module.
F42 Uncontrolled high engine speed
module failure – triac faulty.
With this error, the program is canceled and the door is blocked. The monitoring processes and indication are activated.
To reset, run the test program.
Check the module.
F43 The motor does not rotate
tachogenerator malfunction;
the laundry has stuck between the tub and the drum;
engine / drum lock;
faulty module – triac faulty.
With this error, the program is canceled and the door is blocked. The monitoring processes and indication are activated.
To reset, run the test program.
Check the download level.
Look over the tachometer.
Examine the module.
Inspect wiring.
F44 No rotation in the opposite direction
Module malfunction:
triac failure;
defective relay reverse.
With this error, the program is canceled and the door is blocked. The monitoring processes and indication are activated.
To reset, run the test program.
Check the module.

Bosch washing machine control system and electricity errors

Bosch manufacturer provides the possibility of eliminating minor breakdowns at home. In case of malfunctions, all models with electronic displays inform the owner. They make a special sound or show an error code. Knowing the basic codes, you simplify the task and speed up the process of equipment repair. In most cases, this information can completely eliminate the malfunction. In addition, it helps to prevent more complicated failures in Bosch washing machines.

F21 Control system malfunction, an uneven operation of the drive motor. The drive motor does not rotate the drum
short-circuit of triacs;
tachogenerator malfunction;
defective reverse relay.
How to solve the problem?
After several attempts to start the motor, the program is canceled. The “IMPORTANT TROUBLE” mode is activated.
Attempts to start the motor occur until the end of the program.
F40 Sync error
The voltage values in an electrical circuit don’t correspond to the permissible norms.
F63 Functional protection problem
the processor is defective;
software error.
With this error, the program is canceled and the door is blocked. The monitoring processes and indication are activated.
To reset, press ON / OFF.
Check the power module.
F67 Card encoding error
encoding between the power module and the control module was not performed correctly;
software between the power and control module is inappropriate.
With this error, the program is canceled and the door is blocked. The monitoring processes and indication are activated.
What to do?
To reset, press ON / OFF.
Re-encode the card.
Replace the card.
E67 Incorrect module encoding. The firmware may have crashed.
Call the master and reprogram the module.
Also, you can replace the module with a new or a similar one.
Water gaining and draining errors in Bosch washing machine
After the washing machine stops, you want to pull out the slightly wet laundry. But instead of usual things, you see that clothes float in water. Perhaps it’s even soapy.
What has happened with the washing machine? Why does it refuse to drain water? This can happen due to a breakdown or a non-emergency situation.
If the washing machine leaks, it is necessary to solve the problem immediately. Even if water doesn’t flow too much, you should not postpone repair for later. In fact, the leakage can become more severe in any moment. You risk to flood downstair neighbors or damage something inside the device. It leads to the electronics spoiling, which repair will be much more expensive.
F02 No water gaining
The water tap in the washing machine is closed.
Low water pressure in the tap or water is turned off.
Mesh in the water supply hose is clogged.
F03 Water draining problem (water is not drained)
The error occurs if the washing machine can’t drain water from the tank in 10 minutes.
Clean the filter, make sure that there are no blockages in the nozzles and hoses.
Check the operation of the drain pump.
When rotating to the right/left, the impeller of the drain pump must go free. If this is not the case, replace the pump. Note that the resistance of the pump coil is about 200 ohms.
The defect can also be caused by the electronic controller malfunction of the washing machine.
F04 Water leakage
Look for the source and check the tightness of the connections.
F17 Time of water gaining is exceeded
a) the tap of water supply is closed;
b) the filter at the water inlet is clogged;
c) pressure during water entering is less than 1 bar.
How to get rid of the failure?
Open the water tap.
The program will stop. After 5 minutes, the pump will start draining.
You can start the program again.
F18 Time of water draining is exceeded
a)drain pump is defective or clogged;
b) the N1 level is not reached;
c) pressostat switch blocking;
d) malfunction of the water level controller.
How to eliminate the error?
Clean the drain pump.
If there is no discharge for 90 seconds, the program is canceled. The “IMPORTANT FAULT” mode is enabled.
F31 The maximum water level is exceeded
the pump is blocked;
the water removal hose is blocked;
malfunction of the magnetic valve;
incorrect setting of the pressure sensor;
malfunction of the pressure sensor (pressure switch);
blocking of the water removal system.
Removing water to an acceptable level. The program will be extended.
Check the water supply valves.
Inspect the pump.
Look over the pressure sensor (pressure switch).
Check the water removal system.
Test wiring.

Other failures of sensors and parts of Bosch washing machine

F19 Water heating time is exceeded
a) heating system malfunction;
c) low voltage in the electrical network;
d) there is a layer of lime on the heater or the part’s damage.
How to eliminate the trouble?
Check the heater and its connecting circuits.
The program will be completed without heating.
F20 Unexpected heating
a) the temperature sensor (NTC) is defective;
b) the relay of the heating element is faulty;
c) heating occurs during a period when there should be no heating.
The program is canceled and the “IMPORTANT TROUBLE” mode is activated.
F22 Malfunction of NTC sensor (temperature sensor)
a) short circuit of NTC;
b) malfunction of NTC sensor;
c) breakage of connecting chains.
The program will be completed without heating.
F23 AQUASTOP activation
there is water in the washing machine tray;
breakage of connecting chains.
How to fix the failure?
Inspect the water system for leaks.
Test the AQUASTOP system.
Check the connecting chains for rupture.
F25 Malfunction of the Aqua sensor (water turbidity sensor)
there is a layer of lime on the Aqua sensor;
malfunction of the pressure switch;
the water draining system is clogged.
The program will be completed without rinsing
F26 Analog pressure sensor malfunction (the element protects against voltage errors)
malfunction of the pressure sensor (pressure switch).
This is a critical error. The washing program is canceled, the pump removes water, and the door is locked. Also, monitoring processes and the indication are blocked.
To reset, press ON / OFF.
Test the pressure sensor.
Check the connecting chains for rupture.
F27 Problems in the pressure switch work. Breakage of this part.
Process continues.
Ensure that the wires are are integral.
Make sure that the flow sensor is working as usual.
F28 Flow sensor malfunction. It produces an impossible value.
Flow of water volume per unit time.
Check flow sensor.
Test wiring.
F29 No water was detected in the flow sensor
the water supply tap is closed;
pressure on water intake is <1 bar;
the filter at the water inlet is clogged;
malfunction of the magnetic valve;
failure of the Aquastop magnetic valve;
error of the pressure sensor.
The washing program stops and the pump starts draining in 5 minutes. You can restart the program.
Open the water tap.
Inspect the components.
Check wiring.
F37 Failure of NTC (temperature sensor)
The washing program is completed without heating the water.
Check the NTC.
Examine the wiring.
F38 NTC fault (temperature sensor), short circuit
The washing program is completed without heating the water.
Test the NTC.
Inspect the wiring.
F59 3D Sensor: measurement error. The value is too high or too low
breakage in the wiring
malfunction of the power module;
3D sensor failure;
SoftWare error.
How to troubleshoot the issue?
Test wiring.
Look over the 3D sensor.
Check the position of the magnet.
Inspect the module.
F60 Flow sensor error. Too high or too low value is determined.
flow sensor malfunction;
turbulence in the sensor or in tubes.
Flow of water volume per unit time.
Test the flow sensor.
Inspect the filter in the priming valve.
Check wiring.

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